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n the 1970s, the Hellenic, Whiteshield, Windershalowv joint venture headed by Canadian Denison manufactures the floating platforms and installs the first OCEANIC drilling rigs in Prinos in the Gulf of Kavala with the necessary offshore installations to pump oil off the Prinou Marine Reserve.

Back then Kyriakos Kyriakidis, with great experience in catering and catering, after a proposal from OCEANIC, establishes, with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm, the authentic catering of K. Kyriakidis Airgourmet and undertakes the catering, with high quality services, excellent quality meals and excellent traditional and original flavors of staff of different nationalities working on the shipyard and onshore facilities of the consortium…


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Diverse Client Base

Diverse Client Base

Respecting our client's different preferences, taste and cultural background we created dishes that will satisfy everyone.

Client Focused

Client Focused

We aim to an effective dialogue with our clients in order to understand and meet their needs, combining their wishes with our experience and knowledge.

Fresh Ingredients

Fresh Ingredients

Our target to provide our clients with fresh, quality, ingredients in order to achieve the flavorsome dishes.


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